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Leone Pubblicità s.r.l.

Leone Pubblicità s.r.l. is a leading Company in the sale of gadgets and personalized clothing that employs specialists for graphic design and advanced techniques for the various customizations made with embroidery, screen and digital printing, pad printing, engraving and hot wire cutting. These activities are diversified in this way:
  • Advertising consultancy and graphic design for creating publicity materials of various kinds, from catalogues to the depliants, brochures and flyers to promote activities or events;
  • Realization of personalized banners, posters and flags with advertising of your logo with dimensions, colors, materials and different techniques from which to choose for the production of your advertising materials;
  • Realization of personalized items for the awards, as customizable trophies, award plaques, crest of glass or wood, aluminum or brass brooches, medals and many customizable gadgets for sports awards;
  • Customization of sportswear and workwear, travel caps, advertising gadgets and company gifts.

The Company also has extensive SHOW-ROOMS  where you can view a wide range of items, including those of prestigious brands like LANCETTI, CROSSBOW, BALENCIAGA, COMPANIES OF INDIA, GATTINONI, BELFE, YAKAKURO, ICERBERG, etc.